Are you tired and frustrated with fighting an uphill battle to lose weight and get healthy?

Have you joined a gym, more than once,

and continually lack results?

You are not alone!

Gym enviroments can often:

  • Be crowded
  • Make you feel confused on how to work with the equipment
  • Give you a feeling of isolation - no one knows about you, your goals, or your ability on an exercise program

Clients of Solution Fitness:

  • Get Results
  • Lose Weight
  • Drop Sizes
  • Feel energized
  • Enjoy a return on their investment


Our staff is comprised of extremely qualified and experienced fitness coaches.

Our clients begin with a comprehensive fitness evaluation to ascertain current fitness level and mindset. Our next step is to establish a customized program to help you accomplish your goals. We offer a unique approach to exercise where we first teach you how to move the right way, then challenge you in a strategic manner. When you train at Solution Fitness, you will enjoy individualized attention in our small group setting. Training with like-minded people who are focused on similar health and fitness goals is an environment that will motivate you to stay on track and keep you accountable.

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Do it For the Kids

By On April 18, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


I was speaking to a new client the other day about her motivation and she explained wanting to have more energy for her 4-year old son.  This is a common response within my clients.  They are busy professionals and parents that want to be their best for their family.  Their relationships with their children is very important to them.


I relate to this desire.  Being healthy both now while my kids are young and when they are older (and have their own children), is important to me.  So I relate to my clients when they share this.


Back to the conversation the other day.  The woman I was speaking to had so much emotion when taking about her son, her current state of fitness, and her desired energy level for him throughout the day.  She wanted to be a “hero” for him.  That is some awesome motivation!  That kind of motivation will keep her on track to achieve her goals.


As adults, we have the chance to be heroes for the children in our lives.  This is not limited to just your immediate family.  This extends out to extended family, friends, and teams your children might be involved in.  I help with my son’s baseball team.  I love to bring my style of motivation to their level.  They get so pumped up!  But I take pride in the fact that I can run, throw, jump, and hit without risking injury to myself.  I plan for that continue for a long time.


Whether we like it or not, we are role models to the children we interact with.  They look up to us.  That is why it is our responsibility to be our best.  Show them that we are leading a healthy life.  Show them ways to lead a healthy life too.


80 : 20

By On April 7, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


I like when I speak to a prospective client and they are looking for a lifestyle change vs a quick fix of losing 10lbs in a few weeks.  The truth is, it is easy enough to lose weight quickly.  That doesn’t impress me.  I am more impressed with longer weight loss and maintaining it over a significant period of time.


But when “weight loss” is the topic, our conversation then turns to nutrition.  If you are interested in losing weight, no amount of exercise is going to beat a poor nutrition plan.  As the saying goes, “you can’t outwork a bad diet.”  For whatever reason, too many clients think eating healthy for a lifestyle change will limit food to salads for the rest of their lives.  That is not practical.  And boring!


This is when I introduce the 80:20 lifestyle mantra.  This then brings a smile to their face.  The world of 80:20 is as follows:


80% of the time you do what you are supposed to (that involves what you eat and how you exercise).


20% of the time, you enjoy your life (Insert smile here).


When a new client starts with us, we actually start them at 90:10.  Our logic is, they spent most of their time before us doing more of a 20:80 so this gets them off on the right path.


So what does all this mean?


Let’s say you eat 4 times a day each week.  That is 28 meals per week (80% of that is 23 meals, 90% is 25 meals).  That gives you 5 – 7 meals to enjoy.  Not so bad right!


For exercise, 5 days per week is 80% of your week.  We recommend 2 – 3 days of strength training for just under an hour.  Plus 2 days of conditioning that last no more than 25 minutes.  Believe me, you have the time!


For your mindset, about 90 hours a week (assumes awake time of 112 hours) is intended on being positive.  Everyone loses sight of their goals now and then.  The 80:20 philosophy allows for this.


Final thoughts, you don’t have to be “on” all the time.  Being awesome 80% of the time will help you win the day, week, year, life!


P.S. If you need help with this, next week I am releasing my first product to help you take back your life.  It’s 6 weeks to a “Me First” strategy through the 80:20 philosophy.


Vacation is Over!

By On April 5, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


For me, the phrase “vacation is over” is a very literal statement.  My family and I just returned from a week-long stay in a resort called Now Jade Riviera in Mexico.  It was a week filled with great family time, too much food, and my fair share of rum punch from the pool bar.  All in all, it was a fabulous time.


But at the same time, something we worked hard for right up until the last day.  The way we schedule time off as a family involves a strategic sprint up to the day we leave.  I like to tell my children that we have X amount of weeks left until a vacation.  We usually start paying attention when we are about 8 weeks out.


I work great under a deadline.  I always start out with a list of things to complete during the time, schedule completion dates, and time to work on various projects.  I simply suggest my kids give their best effort at home, in school, and during after school activities.  They enjoy focusing an effort for a period of time and receiving a reward (vacation) at the end.


When I talk to my clients about creating a goal, we will place a time line on it.  That helps to keep them motivated for a set period of time.  They too like the idea of a focused effort for a reward at the end.  However, their reward may be more related to how they look and feel vs spending a week with me and my family.


Maybe for you, “vacation is over” takes on a different meaning.  Maybe, you have been making poor choices related to your health for too long and are ready to make a change.  This is a great first step.  Your next step is coming up with a goal and put a time line on completing it.  I recommend staying in the 4 – 12 week window.  That’s is where I find best focus lies.


If you need help with an action plan, then I have some great news.  Next week, I will be releasing my first product that its geared to help you take your life back.  It is a 6-week program that will guide you into the “Me First” attitude you need to make this transition a success.


Look out for more emails in the coming week.


You ARE Going to Fail

By On March 25, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


We all have failed in life before.  I try to be honest in these emails, so here is one more.  I fail a lot…relationships, my marriage, parenting, business, life, etc.


You name it, my life is filled with failures.  There are so many moments in my life I wish I had back.  I think about the mistakes I made as a parent and as a business owner early on.  It’s embarrassing.  But because I made these mistakes did I stop being a father or close the doors to Solution Fitness?


Michael Jordan (he is kind of a fairly well know basketball player) has this quote:


Michael Jordan


If you are like Michael and I (come on, you have to like how I just linked myself to Michael Jordan!), you have made your own “failures”.  These are your mistakes.  Did you stop?  Odds are, if you are like me and it was family or business related, the answer is “No”.


Why does it have to end in the negative when it comes to nutrition, exercise, and health.  You eat one bad thing on Friday night, now the rest of the weekend is a wash.  You decide you are ready to start an exercise plan, but today is Thursday.  Need to wait until Monday.  Then Monday comes and goes.


Here is a fact: We are going to fail in life.  Our lives are going to be filled with mistakes.  There is a lesson to be adopted from this to help you with your journey to be healthy.


It is ok to mess up.  You can eat bread once in a while, enjoy a glass a wine (or 2), spend a weekend with your family in Disney and eat crap the whole week.  This is a part of life.  These are the fun times.


But you can do the right thing, most of the other time, and be healthy.  Commit to eating right, moving more, and a better state of health.  Make your mistakes along the way, but stay consistent.


You will be happy with the results!


Small Steps Lead to Big Results

By On March 25, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


Day 1 of owning my personal training business was painful.  In fact, the first year was pretty rough for me.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I was renting space from someone I didn’t know, from a recommendation of someone I trust.


I spent the previous 12 years being good at training people and telling them to eat right.  Owning a business is not the same thing.  Was my expectation that people were just going to come in because I opened the doors?  Sure, why not, but that’s not what happened.


I had a few core clients that started with me (Some are still with me 6 years later).  After that, I had to work really hard to get more.  And it was a slow process.  As I would take two steps forward, then get knocked back one.  This process goes on each and every year.  We make forward process and, at times, take a hit.  This is a part of business.


This is life too!  My life has knocked me down so many times before.  My wife has a saying that she keeps going back to whenever I have doubts about something…

”If it was easy, everyone would do it!”


I use that a lot in my business world to accept the ups and downs.  It keeps me moving forward.


I am now sharing it with you.  Living a healthy lifestyle, has its ups and downs too.  We don’t look for 100% compliance from our clients.  We strive for 80% – 90%.  The latter when they first start to get them in a routine, and then adjust to the range as we move forward.  This allows them to make some mistakes and not compromise progress.  This keeps them moving forward with small steps.


A small step for you is easy.  Start by adding some vegetables at dinner.  Maybe eliminate one bread or pasta product during the week.  The weather is starting to turn for the better, try taking a walk after dinner.  These are small steps forward.  Stack up a few small steps and you can cover a lot of ground.


Take a Chance

By On March 25, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


Unfortunately, I was exposed to death at a relatively early age.  Three of the most important people in my life died before I was 27: my mother (Muscular Dystrophy), my father (Pancreatic Cancer), and my best friend (September 11th).


This taught me what I believed was a valuable lesson…


The people that are closest to me leave.


My defense mechanism was to not let anyone else get too close.  This was unfortunate for my girlfriend at the time (Don’t worry this has a happy ending.  That girlfriend is now my wife).  But throughout our relationship I went through periods of not letting her get too close.  My concern was if I let her in, she will eventually leave.  Which is what has happened to me 3 times before.


This was no way to live.  Was my plan to live as a hermit for the rest of my life?  Not share my life experiences with someone?  Have a family?


I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone.  I knew I needed to take a chance.  So I committed myself to her.  I showed her everything I had.  I left it all on the table.  And she fell in love with me.  We have been together for 22 years and together we have raised 2 great kids.


But it all started with me taking a chance.  I share my personal stories with you because I hope they help.  If you are reading this, maybe there is a chance you need to take a chance to eat a little better, move around a little more, or just be healthier.  I was afraid to be abandoned.  You might be afraid to fail.  And that is holding you back.


I have a client that has been training at Solution Fitness for just over a year.  She recently told me that she looked us up 3 months before she decided to call.  Now this person had her own obstacles in her life…cancer survivor, overweight, thyroid condition, joint pain, etc.  She did not know if what we offer would work.  So, she took a chance.  As a result, she lost over 70lbs in one year.  She feels great and believes that her commitment changed her life.


You might be afraid too.  Afraid to fail!  This is more common that you think.  If you want to change something, risk is involved.  If you go “all in” to making a change and taking a chance, you can achieve something great.


My life changed drastically by taking a chance.  So did my client’s.  Now it is your turn…


Take a Chance!


PS: Below is a link to my FREE REPORT “5 Mindset Hacks for Weight Loss Success.”  This will help you get started.


Find Time for You

By On March 22, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


When I speak to a prospective client, one of the questions I always ask is “Why do you want to do this now?”  The responses are very common and tend to stem from placing priorities in 2 areas: family and / or work.  They put their family and careers in front of their own health.  Does this sound familiar?


It should!  My family and Solution Fitness are what I think about pretty much all the time.  And if you are like me, business takes over most of my thoughts.  Here is a question to think about, “if you get sick (head cold, stomach bug, etc.), what does that do to your life?  If you are like me, it brings everything else to a crashing stop.  Plus, I am an absolute baby if I get the slightest case of the sniffles!


Now I know I make you think deep about you, so here is another one.  What if you were to get really sick?  Diseases in my family tree include Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s.  This is part of my motivation to lead a healthy life (most of the time).  I find time for me.  Which includes quiet thinking and exercise.  My gold standard is when I can get 3 strength training workouts in.  When that doesn’t work, it is a quick 20-minute circuit training session in my basement.  Now I own a gym and I only train their 2 – 3 times per week.  The rest of the time is at home with little to no equipment.


Find time for you.  And don’t say you are too busy.  We are all busy.  Make a choice to put you first.  If you were to get sick, everything in your life would stop.  Start committing to your health first and it will make you better at everything else in your life.


Start small!  Go for a walk or eat some more vegetables.  Create one positive habit and turn it into a routine then slowly add to it.  Over a few weeks, you will create a healthier lifestyle.  This will make you better at other aspects of your life.


Here is my advice to you, which is a quote that sits on the wall at Solution Fitness:


Commit to your Excellence


Top 10 Habits of Highly Effective Eating

By On March 21, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


Welcome! Monounsaturated Fats

I want to let you in on a little secret… HEALTHY EATING IS EASY.

It’s easy, but just because it’s easy doesn’t mean everyone can do it. It takes effort and a desire to change your behaviors for good.

It will not require overly restrictive diets. It does not require loyalty to a specific brand of weight loss supplement. There are no pills or magic potions.

In all honesty, fat loss and clean eating both start with common sense. People too often want to be fed a quick fix, but you already know what it takes to eat right.

You need protein, for one, and you need fruits and vegetables. Just add water, and you’re almost there.

Of course, getting yourself to the point where you can take diet recommendations and incorporate them into your everyday life is a little harder than that.

Click below for the top 10 habits and make your Eating Highly Effective!

Top 10 Habits of Highly Effective Eating



Get Negative First

By On March 19, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


I’ll be honest, I suffer with depression.  There were times in my life, as a teenager and young adult, were I was lost and thinking some horrible thoughts.  Dealing with parents that lived in pain hurt me deeply.  I overcame that by feeling a need to live.  My life today is for my family!


My struggles early in life can take me to deep dark places even now.  There are times I consider myself a failure as a husband, father, and business owner.  I never went to therapy, although my wife begged me at times.  I use the negative to motivate me.


What I am talking about is not easy.  Believe me, I get that.  Right now, I could still be the completely reckless person I was early in life.  I picked fights.  I yelled at people.  I drank a lot.  I still have that anger inside me.  But now if fuels me.


I want to be an awesome husband, a super hero to my kids (and my nieces and nephews…They call me Super Unc!), and someone that helps people change their lives.


We all have bad things in our lives that impact us.  My advice to you is to accept it.  It is part of you!  But do not let it define you.  You do not have to be depressed, think you are a failure, or feel like being unhealthy is ok.  Accept the negative as a starting point and know that your brain will take you back there at times.  Now take a stand and commit to making a change.  It starts one step at a time.


You are NOT too old, too busy, too far gone.  You are at your starting point!  Embrace it!  Accept it!  Use it!  Now get ready to change.


Blame Your Parents

By On March 15, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


I was born to a mother that had Muscular Dystrophy (well Friedreich’s Ataxia to be honest).  I never saw her walk.  For her entire life she suffered, was in a wheelchair, and ultimately a hospital bed until she passed away.


My father was overweight (over 300lbs at times) his entire life.  His unhealthy lifestyle led him to pancreatic cancer and he died in his 60s.


Watching my parents suffer as I was a teenager and young adult had an effect on me.  I am summarizing but, I was confused, aggressive, angry, scared…I could go on.


As a young adult, I viewed all these feelings as negative.  I’ll be honest, even to this day I struggle with this.   It is a part of me.


Negative feelings in our life are a part of all of us. But you have 2 choices.


  1. Let it push you down and smother you.
  2. Or use it and let it be part of what drives you!


I’ll be very honest.  This is not easy.  It takes some serious thinking and willingness to make a change.  My experiences as a child and young adult could have broken me.  My mind, my spirit, my life.


I refuse to let this define me!  I took the misfortune I had in my life and flipped it around. I could not help my parents and it pains me every day. But today, I work with people that want to lose weight and get rid of aches and pains.  I motivate them to change the negative in their life.  I love it!


That is my story.  What is yours?  When I talk to new clients, it’s amazing how many people reference their childhood for the person they are today.  And it’s always negative!


Recently, I have had people tell me they were not hugged enough, not loved enough, and watched their parents physically fight.  This created their current negative mentality, personality, and mindset.


They are NOW ready to change.  If you want to change, dig deep first.  Think about the younger version of you.  If you are like most, this process will not be easy.  But it is where you need to start.

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