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Gym enviroments can often:

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  • Give you a feeling of isolation - no one knows about you, your goals, or your ability on an exercise program

Clients of Solution Fitness:

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Our staff is comprised of extremely qualified and experienced fitness coaches.

Our clients begin with a comprehensive fitness evaluation to ascertain current fitness level and mindset. Our next step is to establish a customized program to help you accomplish your goals. We offer a unique approach to exercise where we first teach you how to move the right way, then challenge you in a strategic manner. When you train at Solution Fitness, you will enjoy individualized attention in our small group setting. Training with like-minded people who are focused on similar health and fitness goals is an environment that will motivate you to stay on track and keep you accountable.

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Do Not Settle

By On July 18, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED



Over the weekend I found out that one of my friends from college lost his fight with cancer.  He passed away at the age of 41, leaving a wife and 2 sons.  This was an emotional weekend.  So many of my friends were posting pictures on social media of our time in college (seeing all of us as 20 year olds sure brought back a bunch of memories).  We really had some great times.  I have a great group of friends.  Throughout our lives we have been through our share of adversity and always stick together.  We are a band of brothers.


As we were gathered together over the weekend we were sharing stories of our lives together and with our friend Tommy.  We laughed a lot!   Shed a few tears too!  Tommy did things his way.  He had a larger than life personality and said whatever he wanted (this, at times, made for an interesting situation).  He did not settle.


That is the one thing I kept coming back to all weekend…not settling.  I see it too often.  It comes up when I am talking to clients about their weight loss struggles.  I hear it from people about other aspects of their lives too.  Some people do not like their jobs, the relationships they are in, or the person they have become.  They settle.


I am a big believer of living your life and enjoying it as much as you can.  Now I don’t mean this as being reckless.  Actually, I am talking about the complete opposite.  You need to take care of yourself.  You need to eat right (most of the time) and exercise (some of the time).  But you also need to live your life.  Love more, laugh more, surround yourself with people that you love being with, and be the best version of yourself.


I am sure you lose sight of these fundamentals from time to time.  I get caught up with things that steer me away from this too.  But, when I look back on my life I want to be able to say I was an amazing husband, great father, and someone who helped people take back their lives.  I want to believe I did the best that I could.  I’m sure you do too.


We all know of someone that passed away earlier than they should have.  It always seems to be the case that these people knew something that we didn’t…they put a lifetime of experience into a limited number of years.  In truth, we don’t know when our time will come.  But we owe it to ourselves and those people that love us, to be the best we can be.


Don’t settle.  Commit to your excellence.


Self Doubt is Crippling

By On July 14, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


We all struggle with self-doubt one way or another.  In my own life I doubted my ability as a person, husband, father, and business owner.  The earlier times, were extremely difficult to overcome.  Our past has the ability to create a framework for our future whether we like it or not.  There were times where I just thought this was the way it has to be.


I have taken great steps to accept that what you experience in your past has NOTHING to do with the present or the future.  I have the power to make change in myself.  And so do you.


At this point in my business life, I work with clients in 2 main programs: (a) private coaching program where we focus more on the mindset of weight loss and sprinkle in nutrition and exercise, and (b) personal training where clients come into my training facility for weight loss guidance.  Although 2 very different programs, but we are trying to achieve the same result…lifelong success with weight loss.


Regardless of the program or the client, we are always coming up against self-doubt.  In fact, one conversation I had this week with a client was shocking.  Mary (not her real name) is getting great results.  She has already lost 15lbs, down a size, and feels great.  She works out at home 3 days per week before she goes to work and her children join when they are up in time.  Mary plans out all her meals and sticks to the plan. In fact, her kids are now eating healthier with her.  Mary has become a role model for her children.  This is motivation that will keep you focused.  People have been telling her that she looks like she lost weight.  She is very happy.


Then one morning while writing in her journal (this is a requirement in my private coaching program), she wrote, “I do not deserve to be happy!”  Wait, what?  Mary is making this amazing change in her life, she is getting the support from her family, and she loves the results.  But all of a sudden she had a moment of doubt and it caused her to lose focus for a couple days.


Don’t worry this has a happy ending.  The plan we have in place for her allowed Mary to get back on track with little trouble.  But this is something many of us can relate to.


I was listening to a Tony Robbins podcast the other day in which he discussed how failure is necessary for success.  So along your weight loss journey is makes perfect sense if you have self-doubt or struggle with some sort of adversity.  You could let that cripple you and let you fail…again.  Or you can remind yourself why your goals are important and get back your motivation.


It’s ok to have a setback along the way.  In fact, it is necessary for your success.  Embrace it.


Commit to your excellence.


P.S. If you are struggling coming up with your own plan, check out my “Ultimate Weight Loss Action Plan” HERE





That Was Scary!

By On July 12, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


Looking over the edge of that hill, the only thing holding me in was a lap bar, and the operator said the roller coaster travels at 76 miles per hour.  It scared the crap out of me, but I wasn’t saying a word.  My son was scared too.  But he was putting on his “tough guy” face.


We just got back from a few days at Hershey Park.  My son was finally tall enough to go on the “big boy” roller coasters.  He wanted to go on all of them.  My enthusiasm for roller coasters has dwindled as I have gotten older.  The ride in question is called Skyrush.  It goes fast, offers big drops, and goes upside down.  The only thing holding you in is a bar that goes across your legs.  I was scared (Did I mention that).


I was very proud of both my kids.  They went on rides that intimidated them last year.  But I always talk to them about doing things they are not comfortable with.  Things that make them hesitate and think before they act.  I encourage them to challenge themselves and do things they are afraid of.  Sometimes they go for it, sometimes fear wins.  That is part of the process.


I encourage my clients to challenge themselves too.  Before we left for Hershey Park, I spoke to a few of my private coaching clients.  We were not going to speak for a couple weeks.  So I asked them to come up with a 2-week weight loss goal.  There was hesitation across the board.  No one was too quick to offer a response.  I asked them why.  The typical response was, “I don’t want to say a number and fail.”


My goal is to get each of my clients out of their comfort zone.  Their “happy place” is not failing.  For many people I talk to, they are afraid of a weight loss program because they don’t want to fail.  Its actually fairly common.

Change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.  In fact, you need to get far outside of it if you really want success.  Make a declaration, “I am going to lose 10lbs in the next 6 weeks.”  Now start taking the steps you get there.


If you need help with the steps, get my “Ultimate Weight Loss Action Plan” by clicking the link below.  This is a step-by-process that has grown over my 14-year career helping people believe they can lose weight and then watch them be successful.  Now it is yours FREE.


You need to get out of your comfort zone to be successful, but no one said you can’t get a little help along the way.


Get My Ultimate Weight Loss Action Plan Here


90% Compliance Leads to Results

By On June 29, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


One of my online groups is wrapping up a 6-week challenge.  They just completed week 5 and the results have been pouring in today:


Mark lost 29lbs so far!

Don 19lbs!

Debbie is down 14lbs and “thrilled”!

Jen is down 12lbs and is “noticing definition”!

Nicole is down 10lbs!


These are just some of the highlights, there are many others.  The reason for their great, short term success wasn’t because of a crazy juice cleanse.  It wasn’t because of eating nothing but rabbit food.  It definitely wasn’t from hours of exercise a day.


The reason for the results are simple…consistency.  Did some people struggle along the way…yes!  But the message was always the same, just be consistent.


The consistent focus on the program has been 5 small meals per day (35 meals per week).  The goal was to have 32 meals that stuck to the nutrition plan.  That is 90% compliance.  That allowed them to have 3 cheat meals per week, or 18 cheat meals during the 6-week program.  That is not very hard to do.


You can do this yourself starting today.  Lay out a meal plan for next week.  Pick healthy items, you already know what they are.  Commit to eating 5 meals per day and target 32 / 35 being on plan each week.  You will be shocked how quickly you could lose 5lbs – 10lbs without exercise.


Don’t let your past attempts at weight loss set you back.  You just need to be consistent for a period of time and you will see results.



If you need help, download this FREE NUTRITION REPORT


10 Habits of Highly Effective Eating


Commit to your excellence.


I Don’t Like Being In Pictures

By On June 8, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


This is the exact sentence that has been uttered to me by female clients about 4 times this week alone.  In fact, I hear this far too often.


My wife LOVES to take pictures!  I mean REALLY LOVES it!  She wants to capture every event we take part of as a family.  For example, during our recent trip to Disney, she wanted to get a picture of the kids in every country at Epcot.  My kids lost interest after the second picture.


Me and my kids get tired of the sheer volume of pictures.  What my clients are doing is not the same.  They are hiding from themselves.  They do not want to see themselves in a picture.  They do not want anyone else to see them either.


I’ve heard words like “ashamed”, “embarrassed”, “sad”, “angry”, “frustrated” …the list goes on.  They are so “ashamed” of their self-image they rather not be included in the memories of life experiences with loved ones.  Think about that for a second.


They had a decision to make.  Each of every one of these individuals is now taking action.  They are changing from within.  The first thing I worked on with them is having more self-confidence.  They now accept their past as a learning experience and are ready for change.  And they are changing inside and out.


I will never enjoy the amount of pictures my wife wants to take.  But I want to part of the memories with my family.  My clients were not proud of themselves, but now they are ready to change.  They have made their health a priority over everything else.  Now they are ready.


For you to be ready, you need to take action.  Here is a small step forward.


Below is a link to a my FREE 5-minute exercise video to help you achieve a firmer rear end.  Start there!


See Your Goals

By On June 8, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


I work on mindset consistently with my clients.  This is the number one strategy that has skyrocketed the results they are getting.  Everything revolves around their goals.  We create a story for them to see themselves as a success in the short (weeks) and long (months / years) term.


An example of this is…


”See yourself 6 months from now.”

“How do you feel?”

“How do you look?”

“What are your family members and friends saying about you?”


I encourage them to get as detailed as possible.  What are the feelings they are experiencing?  What clothes are they wearing?”  What size?  What color?  You get the picture.


This provides a tremendous sense of clarity for them.  They have a clear vision of their end result.  We re-visit this during the journey.  The truth is, there is going to be adversity.  The daily “grind” associated with a transformation of mind and body is not easy.  Having a clear vision of where you want to be is helpful.


Try this exercise.  Take out a pen and paper.  Write down a 6-week goal.  Keep it short.  It’s easier to commit to a shorter term initially.  Think of yourself as that person.  You can do this!  You will be successful.  Once you can see it, you will believe it.  You are on the doorstep of success.


Now start on your journey.  You can see the result.


PS: Below is a link to my FREE REPORT “5 Mindset Hacks for Weight Loss Success.”  This will help you get started.


Time is Not On My Side

By On June 6, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


The men on my father’s side of the family have a history of dying young (in their early 60s).  As a 41 year-old man, I often think that maybe I only have 20 or so years left to live.  I know that is morbid, but it is the truth.  It is very possible that this “dying young” thing is in my genes.  That scares the hell out of me!  I have plans to retire at a respectable age, enjoy getting old with my wife, and being a part of my grandchildren’s lives (My kids are 8, so I don’t expect to do this anytime soon!).


The “getting old” and “grandchildren” are my motivation.  They are my “Why”.  It helps me live a healthy life by eating right (most of the time) and exercising regularly.  You may be surprised to hear this, but I don’t like exercising all that much.  I view it as a necessity…A means to an end.  My motivation keeps me going!


During an initial call with a prospective client, I always want to know what brought them to me.  It is important for both parties that we are a good fit for each other.


The responses usually start off fairly basic:


“I want to lose weight.”

“I need to be stronger”

“I want to get off medication”

“I want to get rid of my stomach”

“I want my body to be firm”


Please don’t misunderstand me, these are important answers.  But, it is not “Why”.


The first step in getting results on your journey is knowing you need to make a change.  After that, you need to identify your motivation.  The motivation is the “Why.”  Unfortunately, the motivation most people offer initially is not enough.  It is too general and superficial.  So we have to look deeper.


Motivation has to drive you!  It has to give you the inner strength to stay committed on your path, especially when adversity gets in the way (and it will).

Your “Why” has to be powerful to you!  Because on the other side of motivation are excuses.  I recommend to my clients that they look at this with a “black” or “white” strategy.  Black is “Motivation”, White are the “Excuses” not letting you achieve your goal.  There is no “Gray Area.”


Excuses are easy to come up with:

  • “I’m tired and don’t feel like exercising today”

  • “I have a headache”

  • “Food is comfort for me”

  • “I don’t like to cook”

  • “Wine relaxes me”

  • “I don’t feel comfortable trying something new”

  • “I’m too busy”

  • “Now is not the best time for me”


These are obviously examples, but you could and should come up with your own.   Your motivation needs to be powerful enough that it dwarfs the excuses and drives you forward.


Try this exercises:

Take out a piece of paper.


On the top line, write down a health / fitness goal.

Create 2 columns:

On the left side, write “Motivation”

On the right side, write “Excuses”


Now make a list of your motivation to reach your goal.  Then write down some of the “excuses” that you have to not reach your goal.


The motivation should make the excuses insignificant.  If they didn’t, you did not go deep enough.  Keep trying.


If you are serious about making a healthy change to your lifestyle, you need to find the motivation that drives you.  Once you have it, you cannot lose your way.


Below is a link to my FREE REPORT “5 Mindset Hacks for Weight Loss Success.”  This will help you get started.



Learn From Your Past

By On April 22, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


My past is filled with plenty of adversity: loss of loved ones, fear of abandonment, afraid to fail in life and business, depression, fear of dying young, etc.  I could go on, but I think you get what I am laying down here.


For most of my life, this adversity defined me.  It kept me in a negative mindset for a very long time.  When I finally accepting my past experiences it changed everything for me.  As I realized my “issues” were not different that many of the people I help every day, it made me a better coach.  I was able to relate to my clients’ struggles and guide them accordingly.  That first step was vital to helping so many people.  We all make mistakes in life.


But before we get to you I want to share a strategy I use with my son and sports.  My son is a hard worker, his teammates and friends call him “All Day”, because they say he works hard “All Day Every Day.”  But when he plays a sport, he is not perfect.  He strikes out in baseball, gets pinned in wrestling, and misses tackles in football.  He is not alone.  This stuff happens to all the kids from time to time.  As we are driving home from his sports, we talk.  My first question to him is “Did you have fun playing and hanging out with your teammates” (Yes is always the answer).  Next question, “What do you think you did well?”  Last question, “What would you like to do better next time?”  This is our process to help him learn from his past.  Based on his answers to the last question, we come up with a plan of things for him to practice.  He wants to get better.  I use this strategy with my children in life too.


What is the message to you?  By accepting my past, I have the ability to help so many people lead a healthy life.  By my son accepting his past, he gets better in his sports.  Did you ever mess up at work?  Maybe give your kids the wrong advice?  We have all done it.  You don’t quit your job or stop being a parent.


Leading a healthy life is no different.  Simply learn from your past, commit to not making the same mistakes again, and get the results you always wanted.  Life is a learning experience.  Embrace and accept it!  Happiness is soon to follow.


PS: Below is a link to my FREE REPORT “5 Mindset Hacks for Weight Loss Success.”  This will help you get started.


Get Out of Your Own Way

By On April 22, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


I struggled with my past, well for my whole life.  It was something that I hid from people.  Something that I was embarrassed about.  This is not exclusive to me.


We all have a story of adversity, struggle, fear, etc.  It holds us down.  It limits our ability to be the true person that we want to be.  Here is what I learned…by letting go of my insecurities I am now happier with myself.  I am a better husband to my wife.  A better father to my kids.  My vision of helping others is more clear than ever before.


I had to accept my past for what it is.  Simply, it is a part of my life.  It beat me up for many years.  Now, I view it as an experience that I learned from and use it to help others.  We all have those things.


Have you ever tried to lose weight before and it didn’t work or you gave up?  I just spoke to a good friend the other night about her struggles with being healthy.  She spoke about juggling work, caring for her family, failed previous efforts and how her health has sacrificed.  She was concerned how she was going to fit exercise into her routine.  Exercise?  She was down on herself and she thought her answer was getting back on the same plan that didn’t work before.  No!


She needs to get her mind right first.  We all do!  Addressing your next big change is not about first taking action.  Any great battle in history wasn’t about dropping all the troops in a foreign land then coming up with the plan.  Nope, you come up with the plan first.  Wrap your head around it.


In “wrapping your head around it” and “getting your mind right” you will realize your previous mistakes.  Don’t be frustrated by them.  Learn from them.  Swear to never make those mistakes again!  Next, lay out a plan of attack to take back your life.  Start small.


I Was Lost

By On April 18, 2016    UNCATEGORIZED


When I was 13 years old, my mother was placed in a nursing home.  She suffered with Muscular Dystrophy from my childhood and as time went on, it became worse.  I do not have a great memory of childhood.  The memories in my mind are similar to when you are watching a movie and show quick screenshots of the past.  But I remember this particular day fairly well.

My parents told me months prior that my mom would be leaving one day.  But I never thought the day would come.  When I woke up that morning, my uncle was already over the house.  When I walked out of my room I could hear them talking downstairs and getting things organized.  I ran back into my room and hid for as long as I could.


Not having my mother in my day to day life hurt me deeply. She lived in a nursing home and not in my house.  This make me feel lost.  In fact, that sense of “lost” stuck with me for many years.  For me, this had an impact on my relationships with people.  I was afraid to let them in since I feared that they might leave.  It took many years to get past that and open up.


“Lost” for you could take on a different meaning.  I speak to new and currents clients about “being lost” all the time.  A newer client is lost and looking to get some structure.  A client that I have been working with for a little bit gets off track.  It is ok to lose your way now and then.  You just have to be strong enough to admit when you are lost.  It is my job to get them back on track.


I was lost for many years.  I am able to use some of the misfortune in my life to relate to a client I am working with.  That is why I share these stories.  I understand that things are not always going be easy.  They weren’t for me.  I hope you read this message and take the positives away with it.  You too can get yourself on the right track.


Make the commitment!


Below is a link to my FREE REPORT “5 Mindset Hacks for Weight Loss Success.”  This will help you get started.

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